Meeting Place: St. John's Lutheran Church, 581 E Fremont Avenue, Sunnyvale.
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm every Tuesday
Active since: 1968
Contacts: Tim Thurgate the Scoutmaster (408) 739-7525 or email him at


Troop 463 is a small troop dedicated to having great fun while teaching scouts outdoor skills and leadership. Our troop's philosophy is to have fun, to learn skills, and to be a better person through self-improvement. For the fun part we have games and competitions at the meetings. During our meetings we learn skills and we practice them on our campouts

For more on our philosophy Click Here. Our senior scouts meet every month to plan and organize the next month's meetings and events. At our meetings we teach skills such as first aid and lashings. For more about our meetings Click Here. As our membership fluctuates, our troop organization changes. For more on our current troop and patrol organization Click Here.

We have different types of outings and events during the year. These focus on having fun, learning and practicing scout skills, and helping the scouts build self-confidence while learning to work together. For more on past and upcoming events check our Calendar and the listing of Past Outings.

Henry Coe 1998 Emigrant Wilderness 2013 Del Valle 2001

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